Angelcare AC315

Baby Movement Monitor with Video

Advanced analytics and sophisticated design gives parents the ultimate peace of mind. Angelcare’s AC315 Video and Sound monitor allows parents to relax whilst baby is resting. Digital audio, secure video and room temperature reports enable parents to better respond to baby’s needs.

The Angelcare Movement Sensor Pad is designed to be placed under baby’s mattress where it monitors subtle movements while baby sleeps. The A315 features our Movement Movement Sensor Pad which collects and stores data on the systems parent unit. Parents can now not only monitor movement, but also review data reports covering the last two months enabling them to adjust conditions in the nursery for improving baby’s sleep.

The Camera Unit features a colour coded digital temperature display and two-way audio. The parent unit can be used to both monitor baby in real time and also display room temperature and tracking reports. By viewing data reports covering the last two months, parents can adjust conditions in the nursery to improve baby’s sleep.

The Movement Sensor Pad can be used with most baby mattresses. However, it cannot be used with memory foam mattresses or mattresses with a hollow frame.

Monitoring of premature baby or babies considered to be at risk, should be carried out only under the supervision of a Doctor or Health Professional. This monitor should NOT be used as a medical device, nor as a device to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

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Movement Sensor Pad

  • Wired Movement Sensor Pad & Alarm
  • Adjustable Movement Sensor Pad Sensitivity
  • TIC Movement Function

Parent Unit

  • Colour Video Transmission
  • 4.3″ Video Screen Size
  • Infrared Night Vision
  • Voice-Activated Sound Transmission
  • Continuous Sound Transmission
  • Full Colour LCD Display
  • Touch controls LCD Screen
  • Two way Talk Back
  • Temperature Control/Alarm on Parent Unit
  • Movement & Room Temperature Analytic Report Data
  • Volume Control
  • Split Screen View On the Parent Unit
  • Low Battery Alarm on Parent Unit

Nursery Unit / Camera Unit

  • Digital Zoom & Pan Camera
  • Mains Power
  • Colour-Changing Digital Display Nursery/Camera Unit Temperature Indicator
  • Wall-Mount and Tabletop Nursery/Camera Unit
  • Add up-to-4 Extra Cameras

Technical Specifications

Digital or Analogue Transmission: Digital
No. of channels: 24
Frequency: 2.4GHz
Range (up to – open field): 250m
Out of Range Indicator: Yes
Movement Sensor Pad & Alarm: Wired
Adjustable Movement Sensor Pad Sensitivity: Yes
TIC Movement Function: Yes
Compatible to add a wired Movement Sensor Pad: No
Colour Video Transmission: Yes
Video Screen Size: 4.3″
Video Screen Resolution: 480x272px
Infrared Night Vision: Yes
Voice-Activated Sound Transmission: Yes
Continuous Sound Transmission: Yes
Full Colour LCD Display: Yes
LCD Screen: Touch controls
Two-way Talk Back: Yes
Temperature Control/Alarm on Parent Unit: Yes
Analytic Report Data: Movement & Room Temperature
Volume Control: Yes
Vibration Alarm: No
Split Screen View On the Parent Unit: Yes
Parent Unit Batteries (included): 1 x Rechargeable Lithium
Low Battery Alarm on Parent Unit: Yes
Low Battery Alarm for Movement Sensor Pad: Yes
Parent Unit Battery Life (Video + Audio): up to 5.6h
Parent Unit Battery Life (Sleep Mode): up to 7.2h
Night Light: No
Digital Zoom & Pan Camera: Yes
Mains Power: Yes
Battery operated: No
Nursery/Camera Unit Temperature Indicator: Colour-Changing Digital Display
Wall-Mount and Tabletop Nursery/Camera Unit: Yes
Add Extra Cameras: up-to-4 cameras