Louise Cornforth
When my sister-in-law fell pregnant, my hubby and I did a lot of research on various baby monitors, and your always came out on top.

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We bought them the monitor with breathing/heart rate pad but they only ever used just the monitor. They stayed in an old house with very thick walls and never had an issue with reception. They used it every night till our god child was 3 and never had an issue. They then passed it onto my in laws for when she sleeps over there.
So naturally when I fell pregnant there was no question to which monitor we were going to use. I suffered a miscarriage with my first pregnancy and struggled to fall pregnant with my little angel and seriously doubted my instincts often. We also bought the monitor with the heart rate/breathing pad, and I have never been happier with any product I have ever bought. For any mom the safety of their child is no1, and for a mom who has lost an angel, there is no better relief that knowing they are always ok. We use our monitor every single night, our little angel is now 18months and we have never had a single problem. Your monitor truly is my childs guardian angel.
Thank you so much for bring me piece of mind every night.

Thank you I am in Australia.
I would like to thank who ever invented the angelcare monitor.

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On Friday night we put our 13 month old to bed as usual. About an hour and a half later the alarm sounded and we found him blue in his cot. We quickly startled him and he started to breath again. We raced him to hospital where he was monitored on heart and respiratory monitors over night and released on Saturday morning.
The dr said it was most likely SIDS and the monitor saved his life!!!!
Thank you again..

Kristine Chu

We had been considering getting a regular sound monitor to replace it, however, we suddenly became very aware of how amazing it is. One evening, the monitor beeped so my husband went to check on our son and said everything was fine. About 5 minutes later it beeped again, so thinking the monitor was not working properly, I got up to go check on my son and figure out what was wrong with the monitor.

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I was not even a few steps when the alarm started to go. My husband and I ran to the room and found our son lying there motionless and grey. I roughly snatched him out of bed and within a few seconds he started to get pink again. We were terrified and in shock. The thoughts about “what if . . .” are hard to get out of our minds. The paediatrician feels that our son experienced an epiglottal spasm as a result of ongoing problems with reflux. If we did not have the Angelcare monitor, we would have lost our son that night as there were no sounds of choking or struggling for air. We definitely would recommend this monitor to other parents. We now don’t even think about the aspects that used to frustrate us so much and the monitor goes with us everywhere we go.


As first time parents, we got this product mainly for peace of mind. My husband thought that it was gimmicky at first, but was all for it so I would feel better. However, as time went on, we both became more and more impressed with how the monitor worked. Our daughter is 10 weeks old and she has not laid down for so much as a nap without the monitor being turned on.

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We have never had a false alarm or any problems with static or interference. I never thought that this monitor would be used for anything other than peace of mind. However, in the middle of the night a few weeks ago, the alarm went off. My husband and I jumped up and ran to her room. Our daughter wasn’t breathing. My husband shook her and yelled for her to wake up. We performed CPR and she finally started to stir…

I truly believe that this product saved my daughter’s life. The ER doctor told us buying this monitor was the best money we’ve ever spent. I have to agree. The ONLY thing I would change about this monitor is the low battery warning. The low battery beep is the same as the 15 second warning beep, which caused us to run to the crib once in the middle of the night in a panic. No biggie- I just keep the monitor in the base at night now.

Kirsten Hany

My son Phillip was born in June of 2008 a healthy and happy baby. He was welcomed home by big sister Grace and thus our family was complete. A friend allowed us to borrow her Angelcare monitor because I was so fearful of SIDS that I was not getting ANY sleep.

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She suggested I use it as “peace of mind”. Exactly 5 days after begin to use the Angelcare monitor (Phillip was 9 weeks old at the time) my husband and I were startled awake at 2:00am to the sound of the alarm. We both began running to the nursery. I even remember thinking in my head, it must be a false alarm or he must have rolled off the sensory pad.

As we came upon the crib Phillip was still laying in the same place, still face up, but was absolutely motionless. I began to vigorously rub his chest and after a few seconds he gasped for air and began crying. We had him checked head to toe at the
emergency room and they could find nothing wrong with him. The best that the doctor could come up with is that his brain, in its immature state, forgot to tell his body to breath. I am convinced (as is my doctor) that without that monitor we would not have our son with us today. Thank you does not do justice to the gratitude I feel for your company.

Mandy Olstad

After having my first son 7 weeks early, my husband and I decided the Angel monitor was the best fit for us. We needed a monitor that would let us know if our baby stopped breathing , as he had done several times in the hospital. One week after being home from the hospital the alarm went off. As much as you never want to hear the awful beeping, I was thankful I did.

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Our son had forgotten to breathe, and we would have never of known. We just had our second son five months ago and he made it to full term. So I didn’t anticipate any problems. Last night I woke up to the alarm. I ran in his room and just like his brother he was completely lethargic. As soon as I picked him up and shook him a little he woke up. I was told that it is common for babies to sometimes forget to breathe, but I don’t even want to think of what would have happened if I didn’t have this monitor.

As far as I’m concerned you cannot put a price on this product. I am so thankful to all the people involved in making such a great monitor.
Whenever I hear people say they just bought a “cheap monitor” I cringe. I can sleep at night knowing that my baby is safe.
I would recommend this product to everyone. You can’t put a price on your child’s safety.

Carolyn Lewis

I had heard the alarm go off and in the past had a few false alarms. But I raced into the room to find my son Alexander with his blanket over his face and pressed against the bumper pad. I threw the blanket off and he took this huge gasping breath.

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I really believe if not for this monitor alarming me of the slowing down of his breathing I would have lost him.

I’m very thankful that this monitor exists. I am now using it for my newborn daughter. I hope to never hear the alarm but no it can help me save her if it does go off.

Maryellen Rowell

My daughter Olivia completely stopped breathing in the nursery (thank god!) on her second day of life. Born a healthy 8 lbs. 6oz. she was perfect. After her last feeding that night the nurse told me to give her a call to have Olivia’s hearing tested. It was around 12:00 midnight when I got the call, out of a dead sleep all I heard was SHE STOPPED BREATHING!

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The nurse had looked over and Olivia was completely blue and they had to use the air bag to pump air into her little body and revive her. I can’t even imagine what would have happen if she was in the room with me and I was sound asleep. They called it newborn Apnoea. I think she was almost a victim of SIDS. After spending five days in the NICU they sent us home with a professional apnoea monitor and with a prescription of caffeine. We kept that until she was 7 months and our insurance had long run out. She did continue to have alarms but most of them were false because of wires being pulled off or she was laying on a lead wrong. Then looking online I came across Angelcare. I was a little nervous to take Olivia off the professional monitor although I know and the doctors had told me that she was older and healthy and strong. . Angelcare really, really works! I like it more them then the professional one. I thought I would never be able to sleep peacefully but I do now. No wires to worry about it is GREAT! We have had it now for about two months and it only had an alarm one time but it was a quick one, she took a breath and stopped it. You can actually watch the ticking pendulum on the monitor and see that you child is breathing. I THINK EVERY MOTHER SHOULD HAVE ONE OF THESE!!!! IT COULD SAVE YOU BABY’S LIFE!

Jeanette Hill

In 2005, we bought the Angelcare monitor with sensor pad when our daughter was born. Although the monitor was a bit pricey in comparison to the others, I insisted we get it. I am very happy that we did. One night, when my daughter was about 4 months old, the alarm sounded around 3AM.

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I had grown used to the alarm sounding because she would push herself into the corner of the crib and her movements would not register with the sensor pad. However, this time she was laying flat in the centre of the crib. I lifted her to realize she was not breathing.

I rubbed her chest and shouted her name. She took a huge gulp of air and started crying. At that point both my husband and I agreed that the Angelcare monitor was more than worth the price we paid. In 2008, my son was born premature. He was in the NICU for 2 months on a heart monitor. He had grown used to sleeping on his stomach. When he was finally allowed to come home, he was still on an apnoea monitor and still wanted to sleep on his stomach. After about a month, he was allowed to come off the apnoea monitor. That night, we put the the sensor pad under his mattress. Although I know he should not sleep on his stomach, it is the only way he is comfortable. The Angelcare monitor eases my mind a bit as I know how effect it is. I always suggest this monitor to every new mother!

Cynthia Rogers

My first daughter was born slightly premature and was kept in NICU for several weeks before we were able to bring her home. At one point somebody in the hospital cautioned us against ‘running out and getting an Angelcare Monitor’; the baby wouldn’t be released unless she was ready to come home. Some quick research supplied what this device was and where I could buy one.

Needless to say it was in the crib when the baby finally came home.

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The monitor alarm went off fairly frequently, as often as several times a week, for about eight months; my husband and I assumed that all of these occurrences were false alarms as when we responded to each; lifted the baby out of the crib and forced her to focus on us she seemed to be fine (always a little confused but fine). When my second daughter was born we purchased a second monitor and put it in her crib. The only time the second alarm has sounded has been when I’ve forgotten to turn it off when I’ve pulled the baby from her crib. I was thinking about this the other morning and realised that the first monitor hasn’t alarmed in almost a year now (with no changes to the settings or crib). Logically this tells me that at least some of the many alarms we heard with my first daughter were not false. I can’t even bear to imagine what would have happened if I hadn’t had the monitor.

Deanna Lee

I had my second child Aidan and he was 4 weeks early and I was very worried about his SIDS risk since he was premature. I saw the angel care monitor and thought wow, what a great invention. It gives mothers a peace of mind that their babies are okay while they sleep. Well seven months went by and I put him to bed like I always did, in his crib no blankets and I awoke in the middle of the night to his monitor beeping frantically.

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When I rushed to his bed side he was blue and limp and it didn‟t appear to me that he was making much effort to breathe. I vigoursly stimulated him and he began to start gasping for air and his colour quickly went back to normal. We had him evaluated in the hospital and still to this day do not know what caused the incident. I feel that if I didn‟t have this monitor that night, that I might not have a healthy 2 year old to this day. I am a mother of three now and I have continued to use this monitor with my third. This monitor is a life saver because I believe it saved my sons life. Thank you angel care.

Jennifer Bygrave, Glenn Schmelzle and baby Brian

March 29, 2000, my husband and I had our prayers answered with the birth of a very healthy and happy, 8 1/2 lb baby boy named Brian. After years of infertility and treatment, our dreams had come true. We were fortunate to have many friends and family share in our happiness.

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One of the gifts we received was an Angel Care monitor. I thought the movement sensor was an interesting feature, but I had no idea how important that would be for the wellbeing of our son. In January 2001, I tucked Brian into bed for the night. A few hours later, I was startled by the sound of the Angel Care movement alarm.
I ran upstairs to his room, anxious, but assuming that it must be false alarm. I was shocked to find Brian laying face down and motionless, he had stopped breathing. I screamed for my husband to call 911 and I shook Brian, who thankfully started gasping for air. He was able to breathe sufficiently on his own until the ambulance arrived. He was rushed to the hospital for continued ventilation and to be given steroids to open his airway. Brian was diagnosed with spasmodic croup. A form of croup that comes without any warning, such as the traditional croup cough. Croup is a virus that causes inflammation and constriction of the windpipe.
Without the Angel care monitor, I would not have had any idea that he was in distress. Brian had appeared perfectly healthy the day of this croup attack, and until that night he had never suffered from anything other than a runny nose.

Without the Angel Care monitor, I wouldn’t have had any reason to check on Brian until the morning.
I am very thankful to the makers of this product, for developing this technology for home use.

The family of Angel-lee Bessette, L’acadie, Quebec

February 2001. Last year I wrote you a letter stating that your Angelcare® Monitor saved my daughter’s life a couple of times. The monitor kept going off. My husband thought it was broken, came to find out she was in massive heart failure. Some of her doctors said it was probably her arrhythmia that triggered the alarm.

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After her first operation, your monitor never went off again! Now a year later after her second open heart operation in January, I couldn’t even think of ever not having one… The peace of mind I have when I sleep is priceless. I don’t check every 2 minutes to see if she is still alive. If the alarm goes, I know something is wrong. I want to keep the Angelcare® until she’s 89 years old! Thank you again in advance for making an excellent product that really works!