Multiple Birth

When monitoring the breathing movements of more than one baby, each baby needs to be on a separate mattress. When the breathing sensor pad is placed underneath baby’s mattress, it cannot differentiate between two babies on the mattress.

OPTION 1 2 x AC701 OR 2 x AC401
  • Set up full monitor for each baby.
  • Each baby would have their own Nursery Unit, plugged into their respective Sensor Pads as well as their own Parent Unit.
  • It’s not necessary to carry both Parent Units around with you as both baby’s can be heard through 1 Parent Unit

Please Note: Both units have battery back-up.

OPTION 2 1 x AC701 & 1 x AC300 or 1 AC401 & AC300
  • Set up the AC701 Sensor Pad for baby #1.
  • Place the AC701 Parent Unit between the two babies
  • The AC701 Parent Unit would then be carried around with you. The AC701 Parent Unit will connect you to both babies through the microphone function on the AC701 Nursery Unit.
  • Sound from both babies will be heard on your AC701 Parent Unit i.e either baby crying or if either baby;s alarm goes off. All sound or alarms will then be heard through the microphone function on the AC701 Nursery Unit.

Please note: AC300 works on battery only and AC701 has battery back-up