Angelcare AC517

Baby Movement Monitor with 5” Touchscreen Display and Wireless Sensor Pad

Movement monitoring and activity tracking reports give concerned parents the ultimate peace of mind. Angelcare’s AC517 touchscreen movement, video and audio monitor offers the only wireless movement sensor pad in the market and features activity tracking which reports on baby’s movement levels. Rest assured knowing that you will be alerted if no movement is detected after 20 seconds. Ideal for a newborn infant or a young baby who is starting to reach and explore. Use without the sensor pad for those early toddler years. The AC517 baby monitor is there when you need it. With Angelcare, you’re not alone in this new adventure of parenthood.

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  • 5” LCD touchscreen parent unit
  • Under-the-mattress wireless sensor pad tracks subtle movements (like breathing) that audio and video monitors can’t detect* (This product is intended to be used only for parental reassurance to monitor your baby’s movements.)
  • Alarm will sound if no movement is detected after 20 seconds
  • Wall-mount or tabletop camera with adjustable magnetic mount
  • Low profile camera with room temperature display (turns red for too warm and blue for too cool)
  • Movement activity and room temperature reports covering last two months
  • Secure digital transmission (2.4GHz)
  • Two-way talk
  • Wide angle lens with digital zoom (2x) and pan
  • Night vision
  • Range up to 820ft (clear line of sight)
  • Alerts: Out-of-range, low battery, room temperature and movement
  • Adjustable movement sensitivity levels
  • Visual sound level indicator


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