Correct Installation of Sensorpad without the cord Cover kit

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Place the hardboard in the middle
of the crib between the base of the crib and the mattress.
Place the SensorPad – print side up – on top of the hardboard in the middle of the crib.
Safely pass the SensorPad cord through the slatted base/springs of the crib keeping the cord well away from baby.Important Notice:
If your crib has a solid hardwood base;
drill a hole in the hardwood base and pass the SensorPad cord safely through the hole, keeping the cord well away from baby.
Safely secure the SensorPad cord by wrapping it around one of the crib legs and attach it securely using a plastic cable tie.
Plug the SensorPad cord into the Nursery Unit, with the SensorPad cord running safely well out of reach of children.
6 The Nursery Unit and Parent Unit muSt be a minimum of 1m (3ft) away from the cot.The SensorPad functions with any size and type of mattress except memory-foam mattresses and hollow- frame mattresses.

The hardboard maintains a constant pressure on the SensorPad, enabling it to detect the baby’s movements even when the baby is at the edges of the crib.

Strangulation Hazard

Children have STRANGLED in cords. Keep the Adapter cords and SensorPad cord out of the reach of children. Do NoT put the Nursery Unit inside a crib or play yard. Because of the serious strangulation risk to infants and toddlers, parents and caregivers should never place the Nursery Unit within 1 meter (3 feet) of a crib. NEVER use extension cords with AC Adapters. oNLY use the
AC Adapters provided.


Keep the cord on the floor, well out of reach of children.
• The SensorPad is not designed for use with adults, children or infants older than 24 months.
• Once you have finished using the SensorPad, pleaste remove it from the baby’s crib and store it away.