Frequently Asked Questions

AC1100, Video, Sound and Movement Monitor

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How many channels does the monitor have?

  • 64

How do you change the channel?

  • The unit automatically picks the strongest channel.
  • You are unable to manually change the channel.

  • No

How long do the batteries last in the parent unit once it is fully charged?

  • 4 hours- depending on the power saving mode selected.

Can you adjust the colour of the screen, my monitor only shows black and white images, no colour.

  • No you cannot.
  • The colour self adjusts to the light.
  • The more sunlight the brighter the colours, as the sunlight diminishes it will turn to grey and white.
  • Night vision is exclusively black and white.
  • Make sure the nursery unit is not pointing into the sun or towards a window. The main source of light should be behind the camera to get optimum colour reflection.
  • This is not HD technology.

If the parent unit gets damaged can it be replaced?

  • Yes, there are spares available. PLEASE NOTE that there is a ONE year warranty for factory faults only.
  • The warranty does not cover general were and tear.

How far does the nursery unit need to be from the baby?

  • 1m is recommended
  • Secure power cords and sensor pad cords out of reach from baby to avoid strangulation

How to reconnect the parent with the nursery unit?

  • Make sure the Parent unit and the Nursery unit are turned off.
  • Turn on the Nursery unit, and then turn on the parent unit.
  • Press and release the left wing 4 times.
  • The night light will start flashing.
  • Press and hold the talk back button on the right side of the Parent unit, while you press and release the power key on the left hand side of the Parent unit. Then release both buttons together.
  • Video will appear on the Parent unit screen, indicating that the connection has been re-established.

The alarm is not going off and baby is out of the cot

• The sensor pad’s sensitivity may be set too high, the ideal setting is around 2 -3, adjust this setting by pressing your menu button, then your settings button, and find the icon that shows the sensor pad and s sliding scale. Press this button until the sensitivity levels shows your ideal setting. Then press the OK button to save your setting)
• Make sure your setup is correct: Your sensor pad should be on a solid base under the baby’s mattress. If you are using a camp cot, place a piece of plywood over the length of the camping cot and place the sensor pad on top of the plywood, then place the mattress on top of the sensor pad.
• Note that the sensor pad may detect movement from many sources both inside and outside your baby’s room e.g.: a strong draft on the cot, a fan in the room, air-conditioners, washing machines, loud music or vibrations from the floor.
• Place the cot against a solid wall and away from strong air currents making sure you are not making contact with the cot itself.
• When the monitor is in use, do not use crib mobiles or other accessories that produce vibrations as the sensor pad will detect these movements.
• Your sound and breathing monitor may be programmed for sound only. On this setting, the sensor pad has been deactivated and will not detect movement even if it is plugged into the nursery unit.

What thickness mattress should I use?

• The Angelcare sensor pad detects movement through any thickness cot mattress.
• Suitable to use with a sprung mattress.
• Not suitable for memory foam.

False alarms

• If the unit is set up correctly there should be no false alarms.
• Check the following
o Baby was removed from the cot and the nursery unit was not switched off.
o Sensor pad cord was not connected properly into the back of the nursery unit.
o Sensor pad is not in full contact with the cot mattress.
o Ensure that there is no bedding between the cot mattress and the sensor pad, i.e. lift wedge.
o The sensor pad must rest on a completely flat or rigid surface. You may need to place a piece of plywood to cover the full base of the cot.
o Baby has moved to the edge of the cot; ensure that the senor pad is positioned in the centre of the cot.
The sensitivity dial on the back of the nursery unit may be set very low (i.e.: with the arrow pointing on ‘0’ and therefore not picking up baby when in a very deep sleep