Frequently Asked Questions

AC420, Sound only monitor

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How to change the channel

  • To change a channel, press the select button and hold it in until the satellite dish icon starts flashing.( )
  • Press in and hold the clear button on the nursery unit, until the night light starts flashing. Now press the clear button several times, you will see the channels change on the parent screen.
  • When you have selected the desired channel hold the clear ‘night light’ button. You will hear a beep to indicate the channel has been saved.

I can hear my baby crying down the passage before I hear it on the monitor

  • To change from voice activated to continuous sound:
  • Your monitor may be set on a voice activated mode on a very low sensitivity.
  • Adjust the sensitivity of the microphone on the back of the Nursery unit.
  • On the rear of the nursery unit is a button above it are lines to the right followed by a solid line. Turn the button towards the solid line and you now have activated the continuous sound

The temperature does not show

  • Switch on the parent unit first, and then proceed to switching on the nursery unit.
  • If you switch on the Nursery unit first, the parent unit will show the channel until the temperature in the room changes, and then reflect the temperature.

My unit is picking up interference

  • Try changing the channel
  • Check that the power adaptor is not over crowded with other plugs as this may affect signal.
  • Do not have your unit close to any wireless or digital technology.