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The alarm is not going off and baby is out of the cot

  • The sensor pad’s sensitivity may be set too high, the ideal setting is around 2 ½ -3 on the sensitivity dial at the back of the nursery unit.(0 indicates the least sensitive, while 5 indicates the most sensitive setting)
  • Make sure your setup is correct: Your sensor pad should be on a solid base under the baby’s mattress. If you are using a camp cot, place a piece of plywood over the length of the camping cot and place the sensor pad on top of the plywood, then place the mattress on top of the sensor pad.
  • Note that the sensor pad may detect movement from many sources both inside and outside your baby’s room e.g.: a strong draft on the cot, a fan in the room, air-conditioners, washing machines, loud music or vibrations from the floor.
  • Place the cot against a solid wall and away from strong air currents making sure you are not making contact with the cot itself.
  • When the monitor is in use, do not use crib mobiles or other accessories that produce vibrations as the sensor pad will detect these movements.
  • Your sound and breathing monitor may be programmed for sound only. On this setting, the sensor pad has been deactivated and will not detect movement even if it is plugged into the nursery unit.

Is the Angelcare monitor safe for my baby i.e. radiation emitted.

  • You monitor is perfectly safe to use for your baby.
  • The sensor pad and its cord are entirely passive, i.e.: they carry no electrical current and do not or a power surge of some sort.
  • The nursery unit emits a very low power radio signal through its antenna; this signal does not present a safety hazard to your baby at all.
  • Recommended that nursery unit is placed a minimum of 50cm from the baby. Do not place nursery unit in the cot with baby.

No transmission

  • When there is no transmission between the parent unit and the nursery unit, the parent unit shows (–) two lines across the screen and flashes the nursery unit icon.
  • The nursery unit may not be switched on, check the power supply connection.
  • If you are running the nursery unit on batteries, check that the batteries are not flat.
  • Your parent unit and nursery unit may be too far apart and cannot find each other’s signal.
  • If both units are on and you continue to see (–) on your parent unit,
    This indicates that the parent unit has lost signal with its partner nursery unit.

To reconnect press the menu button on the parent unit and hold it in until the satellite signal () starts flashing, then proceed to the nursery unit and press the clear button just below the night light, hold it in until it makes a beep sound. Your two units should now reconnect, and you will now be able to access the main menu.

My parent unit ‘loses signal’ and switches ‘off’ after a few minutes of switching my monitor on.(I.E. No sound.)

  • Your monitor is pre-programmed to be on the voice activated mode
    With this setting, your parent unit only transmits sound to you when your baby makes a sound, i.e.: when there is no sound coming from the baby’s room for more than 30 seconds, it switches to ‘sleep’ mode until baby makes a sound which will then trigger the microphone to relay the sound to your parent unit.
  • On the voice activated option, sounds from a television or radio are not interpreted as human voices and will not trigger the voice activated option and won’t be heard through your monitor

I can hear my baby crying down the passage before I hear it on the monitor

ON the voice activated option you will hear sounds depending on the level of sensitivity set on the microphone.

To make your voice activated option more sensitive, press the menu button 3 times, you will now see the voice activated icon in the top left corner of your screen().Your screen should show the word ON indicating that it is on the voice activation mode.

Press the menu button again; you will see the volume bars on the left side of the screen.

Using the arrow keys on the right hand side, you can increase or decrease the sensitivity of the microphone (the higher the sensitivity the less sound required to activate the microphone). Once you have made your adjustment, press the select button, followed by the exit button to save your selection and to return to the main menu.

My parent unit switches off completely at random intervals

    • Check that your batteries are placed in the correct way.
    • Check that your batteries are making contact.

I would like to hear every little sound from baby’s room and deactivate the voice activated option

  • To deactivate the voice activated mode you will need to:
    • press the menu button 3 times, you will now see the voice activated icon in the top left corner of your screen,()and your screen will show the word ON, indicating that it is on the voice activated mode.
    • Press the arrow key on the right hand side to change this to read OFF.
    • To save this setting, press the select button, then press the exit button to save your selection and return to the main menu
    • How many channels are there to choose from?
  • Your monitor has 8 channels.

Please do not place your smart phone or any other digital wireless transmitting technology.

How do I change the channel?

  • To change a channel, press the select button and hold it in until the satellite dish icon starts flashing()
  • Press the arrow keys on the right hand side to scroll through the channels. You will see the channel number changing on your screen.
  • When you have made your selection, press the select button again and it will save the channel before returning to the main menu.

Can I use my monitor without the sensor pad?

  • Yes, you will need to change the mode of your monitor in the main menu to sound only mode.
    • Press the menu button once, the icon of the mode you are using on your monitor will now start flashing.
    • Use the arrow keys on the right hand side to scroll through the different modes until you can isolate the ‘sound’ icon.().
    • Now press the select button, followed by the exit button to save your selection and to return to the main menu.
    • You will know you have successfully deactivated your sensor pad if you now only see the, ‘sound’ icon on your parent unit. ()
    • Please note the sensor pad is recommended to be used for the first six months when baby is at the highest risk for cot death and sleep apnoea.
    • There is no maximum weight or age limit, although designed for a new born baby in a cot; it can be used in a single bed with an older child.

What thickness mattress should I use?

  • The Angelcare sensor pad detects movement through any thickness cot mattress.
  • Suitable to use with a sprung mattress.
  • Not suitable for memory foam.

My parent unit only works in the charging cradle, as soon as I take it out the cradle it switches off

  • Your parent unit may have no batteries in the battery compartment.
  • The batteries have been placed incorrectly and have therefore no charge available and no charge to the parent unit when it is removed from its cradle.
  • Check the battery on the bottom terminal, this is usually the one that is placed incorrectly and should be facing in the opposite direction to the battery above it. You will know you have done it correctly, when you place your parent unit in the charging cradle and, you see the battery icon appear in the top right hand corner showing it accepting charge.
  • If you have replaced the rechargeable batteries please make sure they are NiMH rechargeable batteries, as general alkaline rechargeable batteries are not suitable for Angelcare monitors.
  • Do not use alkaline batteries in the parent unit as this will damage the unit.

How long do I need to charge the batteries for before we use the parent unit for the first time?

  • 15hours
  • Thereafter, top up charges required as needed.

The Parent unit gives a constant intermittent beep

  • Firstly identify the beep and which icon is flashing on the screen.
    • The batteries may be flat
    • Your nursery unit may be switched off
    • Your room thermometer alarm is alerting you that the temp in baby’s room has either gone above or below the temperature parameters that you have set.
    • You may have activated the parent unit paging button on the nursery unit (located on the top of the nursery unit, can be deactivated buy pressing EXIT on your parent unit.)
    • The parent unit is out of range and lost signal from its partner parent unit.

What is the ‘ticking’ noise that I hear when I switch the parent unit on?

  • The ticking sound that you hear is an auditory reassurance to you to let you know that the sensor pad is picking up your baby’s breathing

It ticks every time the sensor pad detects a movement from baby.

Can I turn the ‘ticking’ noise off?

  • Yes you can.
    • Simply press the menu button once, the mode of your monitor will now start flashing, showing you all three icons:
    • Press the arrow key on the right hand side several times until you remove the ‘tick’ icon ( )
    • Only the ‘sound’ () and ‘sensor pad’ () icons are highlighted.
    • Then press the select button followed by the exit button to save this selection into your main menu.
    • Once you are done, you will still see the pendulum icon moving from side to side on your parent unit screen, showing you that it is picking up the baby’s breathing, however, you will now not hear the ticking noise.

False alarms

  • If the unit is set up correctly there should be no false alarms.
  • Check the following
    • Baby was removed from the cot and the nursery unit was not switched off.
    • Sensor pad cord was not connected properly into the back of the nursery unit.
    • Sensor pad is not in full contact with the cot mattress.
    • Ensure that there is no bedding between the cot mattress and the sensor pad, i.e. lift wedge.
    • The sensor pad must rest on a completely flat or rigid surface. You may need to place a piece of plywood to cover the full base of the cot.
    • Baby has moved to the edge of the cot; ensure that the senor pad is positioned in the centre of the cot.
    • The sensitivity dial on the back of the nursery unit may be set very low (i.e.: with the arrow pointing on ‘0’ and therefore not picking up baby when in a very deep sleep.

The parent unit screen lights up when I put it in the charging cradle and it shows the battery cell charging in the right hand corner and then goes blank.

  • This is correct; your monitor does this to save power, but is still charging.
  • If you were to switch it on, you would see that it is charging while in the charging cradle.

What is the range of the monitor?

  • 250m in open air
  • Please note that the more wireless technology you have in your home the more chance of feedback or interference.(In which case you will have to adjust the channel selection on your parent unit)
  • Signal strength may be reduced by solid internal structures or electrical equipment in the home environment.

Will the Angelcare monitor work in a double storey home with concrete slabs

  • Yes, it works beautifully in a double storey home, there is no problem with reception